Meet the Team

Terron J. Cook – Founder/Owner

After choosing to overcome extremely intricate circumstances, Terron J. Cook took his own life experiences and molded it into a business model which is geared towards fundamentally improving aspects of individuals’ lives, starting within the home.

Terron is a mentor, coach, volunteer, published author, speaker, business owner and a long standing community advocate. DE-CLUTTER Your Life! is a way of being.  DE-CLUTTER Your Life! not only provides services, we promote upward living, through basic, easy to sustain steps.

Working with individuals, be it one on one, or in the classroom, Terron enjoys capitalizing on the path of his 20+ year customer service career.


Bo Andras – Marketing & Sales Manager

Coming onboard in 2017, Bo maintains the status of an award winning, accomplished, self-motivated Entrepreneur for over 9 years.  He has worked frequently with Terron (Founder/Owner), over the course of the past couple of years to enhance the online presence and vision of DE-CLUTTER Your Life!, as well as providing behind the scene support in a digital role.  As Terron saw a need within the marketplace with regard to providing technology tutoring within the senior community, he soon decided to expand his team, with the full intention of making a mark in the greater San Diego area.

As Bo brings forth a plethora of knowledge and experience, he is sure to be a key asset to the DE-CLUTTER Your Life! Team!


Mark Ninci – Head of Technology Tutoring

Originally from the Kansas City area, Mark graduated in 1993 from DeVry University with a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Management.  In his first job after graduation, he was a Government Contractor working in a large IT department, for the Resolution Trust Corporation.  As the Corporation slowly began to scale back, Mark moved onto an exciting IT position at Garmin International headquarters in Olathe, KS.  In 2002, he decided to move on and pursue IT freelancing opportunities, which led him to relocating to Southern California.

Since 2003, he has owned and operated his own small IT services company in the greater San Diego area. Mark greatly enjoys making and sustaining new relationships with many couples and individuals within the senior community, who have a need, as well as the desire for continued technical support and technical training.