• Technology Tutoring:  Many of us do not understand the power and necessity of technology, yet, we’re all so curious as to how it is omnipresent.  Although technology holds such prominence, it doesn’t have to be difficult.  Maintaining an understanding of the safety and benefit of technology is extremely beneficial to our new wave of society.


  • DE-CLUTTERING/PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZING:  Let’s face it, the day to day life that we all lead has shifted to a pace which is extremely difficult to navigate the simplest of things, such as, maintaining a tidy home environment.  DYL! Works in tandem with those who do not have the time, or bandwidth to handle/maintain the home life they desire, yet, know the importance behind such a practice.  Let us work with you to begin to maintain a consistent flow in your home environment.


  • Concierge Services:  We all desire and need more FREE TIME.  This requires a bond with an individual with whom you trust to not only be consistent and loyal, yet, understands the dynamics behind “details” and proper communication.  Whether it be a need for something you consider to be a basic, or delicate need, we are here to assist.  How may we assist you?


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